"This song is lean and mean and yet it feels like it’s got the size to smash anything that gets in its path.” “...it has the potential to leave you more than a little curious about the band that has been called one of the more intriguing to come out of their scene this summer.” "There’s no other band that I can compare this group to right now, and it’s mostly because of the way that they make distortion sound so unbelievably crisp and clear.” "King Falcon is getting a lot of hype at the moment, and if you’re curious what all of the fuss has been about, you need to see the video for “Ready Set Go.”” - Mark Druery

Indie Shark

"The percussion pounds away at the bassline as if to kill it beyond revival, and still the brown noise at the bottom of the mix keeps seeping into the vocal track, like a poison coursing through someone’s bloodstream.” "I wasn’t sure what I was going to hear in this single, considering that I hadn’t heard a whole lot of King Falcon before now, but I can confirm that all of the buzz surrounding its release is justified.” "I would love to see this act on stage sometime soon because if even a fraction of the energy that they bring with them to the studio here were to carry over to a crowded concert hall, their show would be one that no rocker would want to miss out on.”” - Kim Muncie


"This is a substance-driven affair, and for a generation that has produced a lot of filler, it couldn’t be arriving at a more appropriate time.” “…I’m admittedly hooked on their sound…” "There aren’t a lot of bands making the kind of aggressive, distorted rock that these guys are at the moment, but if their style of attack influences even a fraction of their peers moving forward, I think that their scene will be much better for it.”” - Nicole Killian

New Mob City

“...as raw as it comes in the modern alternative rock era…” “...if there were any doubters as to whether or not this band was ready for whatever comes next, I feel like they’ll be thoroughly silenced by this most magnetizing release.” "Rock enthusiasts will want to check out what King Falcon is cooking up for us in “Ready Set Go” before the season expires because as it currently stands, theirs is one of the best and more unsophisticated juggernauts to see release on this side of the dial in all of 2023.” “...this is a group that has found its center, its signature tonality, and they’re exploiting it for everything that it’s worth in this latest release."” - Cleopatra Patel

Big Celebrity Buzz

"King Falcon is out to prove they’ve got what it takes to bring on a new renaissance the genre needs to survive…” "Their old-school ethics aside, I think that King Falcon is poised to spotlight a burgeoning scene in New York City that hasn’t been getting nearly as much love from the American press as it should in 2023.” "if you want a glimpse into what the city’s best in indie pop/rock is sounding like these days, King Falcon is a band you need to check out this June.” “'Ready Set Go' is a good sneak preview of what their style is all about, and if it’s just a taste of the future, I think the demand for their music is going to skyrocket in and outside of New York in the months ahead."” - Gwen Waggoner


“...this track is a powerful testament to the band’s musical prowess and their ability to infuse indie-rock adventurousness with a classic rock swagger.” "From sprinting through the city streets to the comedic mishap of a car that won’t start, the video complements the song’s energetic nature and injects a dose of lightheartedness into the proceedings.” "It’s clear that King Falcon has a knack for crafting infectious, catchy tunes that stick with you long after the song has ended. Their music exudes a vibrant indie-rock atmosphere, painting sonic landscapes that will resonate deeply with listeners.” "With “Ready Set Go”, the band showcase their talent, determination and unyielding passion, cementing their place as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.” ”

Channel Wavy

“...King Falcon’s brilliance becomes impossible for even the most rock-resistant of critics to deny.” "There’s still room to push themselves a little more than they have in this piece, and in examining the way this was constructed, I do not see “Ready Set Go” being King Falcon’s last undisputedly ambitious work to hit the rock beat."” - Jennifer Munoz


"Critics everywhere are in love with what King Falcon is doing in this most recent hot to the tough single and its companion music video, and I have to admit that while I was originally a little skeptical of the buzz, there’s just too much moxie in their performance here for any credible rock fan to dismiss “Ready Set Go” as the result of good luck alone. There’s a seriousness in these players that tells me they’re not going to rest in the studio until they have the exact sound and narrative they want to produce perfected, and if their standard can spread around the New York scene in the years to come, it’s going to have a big impact on rock and where the genre goes from here."” - Rachel Townsend

The Spotted Cat

“How anyone can hear a song like “Cadillac” and think King Falcon is anything other than the future of rock is beyond me. It is rare to find a band so certain of their sound and direction as you find with this trio. As far as Substream is concerned, King Falcon is the up-and-coming band to beat in 2023”.” - JAMES SHOTWELL